Juniors Martial Arts

Ages 6-12

Does your child need a fun activity where they can develop focus, discipline, and self-defense while learning the foundational principles of success? Learn more and schedule a free intro class.

Program Focus

Goal Setting

Learning to commit to decisions and seeing them through the end

Self Confidence

Learning to try new things without the fear of failure develops future success.


Developing a winning mentality helps push through difficult challenges.


Grow into respectful men and women being at service to their family and community.

Does Your Child Struggle With These Things?

Child is experiencing bullied or bullying behaviors

Child is low energy - too much TV or Games

Child lacks eye contact when communicating

Child lacks focus in school

Child doesn't contribute enough at home


How Martial Arts Can Help

Learning Martial Arts around this age provides a lot of fun and exciting possibilities for kids. As they progress, they’ll be willing to take on more at home, school, and in their communities knowing that they alone can make a difference. We ensure in order for them to move to the next belt rank, they must be doing great in their personal lives, such as at home and school.

Why Yong-In Martial Arts?

A lot of our instructors grew up in the Yong-In Martial Arts environment themselves. They commit to passing on their knowledge to the next generation of students. Alongside a structured curriculum, emotionally invested instructors, and a Master with over 30+ years of Martial Arts experience, you’ll see your child advance in many different aspects of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is discipline conducted when a child misbehaves in class?

Misbehavior in class isn’t tolerated and can result in additional physical activities and the loss of their belt, which they would have to earn back. We’re also in communication with the parents to ensure that their behavior is acceptable outside of the martial arts school, such as at home or grade school. Our goal is to develop respectable young men and women.

My child is experiencing some issues with kids at school. How can Yong-In Martial Arts help?

We’re committed to teaching our students martial arts to properly defend themselves if needed. However, they’ll learn to resolve conflict peacefully without the need for any confrontation. Also, if they’re the bullies (unknowingly to parents at times), we’ll address it by properly consulting the child or with discipline at times.

My child is lazy, how can you help change that?

Developing discipline is like developing a muscle, we got to work it! Learning to get satisfaction from our accomplishments will eventually outweigh the satisfaction of comfort from things such as TV and games.

Will martial arts make my child want to get into fights?

Real martial arts will teach our kids how to resolve conflicts peacefully, not to start them. Providing them an outlet to release their frustration and excess energy in a controlled environment will allow them to live their lives peacefully and carefree. However, intentional misuse of our teaching outside of school may result in discipline, or in some cases, expulsion.

How can Martial Arts help my kid do better in school?

Martial Arts will teach your child focus and discipline, which will carry over to their academics. Over time, when your child progresses in our classes, they’ll be required to do well in school and at home in order to advance onto their next belt.

What Our Members Are Saying

The best place for your kids to grow and learn... Since my daughter started she has not only found an activity she’s passionate about but it also has helped her excel in school. The best place for your kids to grow and learn.

-Emily M.

I love their discipline. They teach not only the martial skills but also encouraging confidence, braveness. I see that my high-school daughter become getting stronger inside and outside. The staffs are very kind and seriously care for each student's progress. This place is the best choice for my family!

-Peter W.

My son has been going to Yong-in Martial Arts for almost a year now, and he loves it! He's more responsible, respectful and shows more confidence. Master Kim and the other teachers are great with the kids. They create a fun, learning environment.

-Linda M.

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